Out of Touch, Updates

I am loving the 80s hits right now.

Got to Cologne, Germany on Monday after a 2 hour flight from Bucharest.
Leaving Bucharest, Romania and flying on GermanWings, the emergency and flight info onboard was only given in English and German.  Why not in Romanian?

We were also not allowed to take pictures of the Airport in Bucharest. For security?
Oliver and I did manage to check in, ride the bus to the plane and board the plane completely barefoot.
I also found a site dedicated to barefoot and the promotion of walking barefoot.
Check it out for a complete guide and FAQ.

After arriving in Cologne, we visited the Haupbanhof (main train station) and also the Dom Cathedral.  It was “completed” in 1880.  contruction is always underway because the rain, snow etc that eat away at the stones require constant maintenance.  It took over 600 years to build.
Inside the catherdral there are lots of different tiles on the ground and only walking barefoot can you really feel the sensation of the different shapes and sizes of tiles and floor mosaics there.  Wonderful.  I recommend to take off your shoes and feel the cold ground.

Cologne:   After camping in a park for the evening and receiving a 25 euro ticket for sleeping in the tent, we headed on our way back to Dresden on Tuesday via hitch-hike on the A4 highway running from west germany to East germany (GDR).  Felix and I were one, meanwhile Oliver was riding in another car.  Felix and I got into a Benz station wagon riding 180km/hour, while Oli was riding in an Audi TT.  Gotta love the Autobahn!  No speed limits!

After spending a day in Dresden, I headed back to Halle to meet up with Yase and have a talk with her.  We swam in the lake as the sun set in the backdrop of our story.
Now, that chapter is coming to a close, the optimism must begin.

~ by frischfarms on August 21, 2009.

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