Romania, August 11th, 2009, Journal

Pink hues, Purple.
Very calm algee looking water on this lake.  We have been travelling, me Oliver, Felix, and Tim.  Tim flew from Cologne to Bukarest and he is going to start working at an architecture firm starting in September, so he wants to travel a little bit before.   He is very tall.
He wears a Zara jacket.  Black and Yellow that looks like a vest.

We just saw a rat in the lake weeds.  An amazing sunset.

Using an old 1.5 litre PET Plastic bottle as a pillow cushion.
Product Name: Air Cusha (idea from Felix)
The bottle  is half crushed and has a little air inside.  “Its nearly impossible to have perfect brushing balance with your teeth”  Gabriel says.
BRushing teeth by the lake at 8:55pm.
Approaching the main party street.
“Is that a gucci bike?”
“No, it is a FUJI, you know like FUJI BIKES”
Party into the night….

~ by frischfarms on August 25, 2009.

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