Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Have been in Berlin for the past week.
Enjoyed dinner parties at Irene’s house where I am staying, and wonderful bread, meats, cheeses each day.  Oh and Coffee in the morning brought in from Greece.  Vanilla flavor!

Now that my heart is set (on Berlin), the summer has ended and things are in gear to make money (in other peoples words, they would call it a job).

Actually, I’d like to label it:

Job search   V.S.    Job Creation

Job searching entails endless hours of signing onto job forum sites and filling in application forms that are then organized by robots to fit you into categories for then some HR manager to just click “ok” or “delete” on the files.

I would like to have more control and focus in my search and my thoughts tell me this is the time to go the non-traditional route of finding work.  After all I am different, this city is different and if I want to be special, I have to act in a way that separates me from the rest of the people out there.

One method is to get out there and network.  Find some folk who are in the know about the know in Berlin, and get to know them in order to skip the search and create a job.

Enthusiastic, charming, personable.

I really like this blog (hehe) as I’ve been reading it a lot lately.

In other news:

I am heading back to Dresden for the weekend.  Meeting up with Oliver, Felix and Oliver.  Party on Friday night.  Oliver told me that he is now reading “the four hour work week” book upon my suggestion.  He says he likes it thus far.

My bike tires from FUJI BIKES have arrived from Tokyo and will be putting them on my FUJI FEATHER bike back in Halle next week.

I am reading Fahrenheit 451, a book by Mr. Bradbury.  Good book so far.

Spoke with Stuart tonight on Skype (a good VJ friend from Tokyo, whom I also went to Thailand with) and we had a good motivational talk about business and we had a good laugh about what we have been up to this summer.   “We want to get paid to come up with crazy ideas for companies”

September 17th, 2004:       FIVE YEARS AGO that I left on the bus from Ottawa to Boston, leaving my life in Ottawa behind.  “…Been around the world and ayaaayaah, you’ve been playa hatin’…”

Here is a cool bike sign from Hamburg:
Fuji neon bike fixed

~ by frischfarms on September 17, 2009.

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  1. Nice stuff brother man! Let’s keep scheming and find out a way to make that paper. Same old same in Toks, I’m heading off to Okinawa tomorrow for a little vacay from my vacay. Talk soon my man, hope all is well.

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