Fuji Feather – Fixed Bike to Berlin

Halle to Berlin bike ride complete!

I arrived safely in Berlin today at 4:30pm.

170km in 2 days.

45 km in day one.

125 km biked in day two.

All aboard my FUJI FEATHER.

The bike is incredibly smooth, riding without a hitch.   The Fuji Feather 2009 is a very light bike, (single speed or fixed) and I can recommend it to many a rider who is looking for a good road bike, that looks the part, too.

The route I took to Berlin was a mixture of backroads, highway and bike paths, but at some points there were cobblestone roads (mostly through the small small towns), which were quite annoying because with a road bike you dont want to be bumping around on the bike. All in all the Fuji Feather performed beautifully and especially with my new white tires, it is a looker.

The route was just stunning, with fields and rolling hill landscapes, windmill power generators blanketing the horizon, wild horses, fields of brown, green and yellows, and lots of forest, forests!.  The ride only called for 1 or 2 times where I had to walk up the hills as most of the hills were manageable, expecially if you yell profanities at the sheep that you are passing by for self-motivation.

This is the route I took:berlin halle bike map

~ by frischfarms on September 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Fuji Feather – Fixed Bike to Berlin”

  1. Hi, great blog! This is Kim from http://www.JapanesePod101.com. Is there anyway to get in touch with you via email? You can reach us at affiliates@JapanesePod101.com.

  2. Okay – HOW did you get this bike? It’s absolutely beautiful, and looks like it rides like a dream. A quick query to our good friends at google nets no results for Canada :S Browsing Fuji’s SITE I actually see that their top-tier road bikes are hella expensive. In summary – who did you have to kill for that thing? ;D

    Sounds like an absolutely glorious adventure you had. Way to go man!

  3. Jason,
    hey, no killing was done! How I got the bike is a good story…
    Did you say you are trying to get a FUJI bike in Canada?

  4. I’ve been keeping a lookout for a nice roadbike here in Canada, but nothing is “just right” yet. However, if I saw that Fuji sitting around in a shop here I’d snatch it up in a second 🙂 Yours even looks to be in perfect condition on top of everything!

  5. Jason,
    Sorry to hear about your bike finding troubles…if only FUJI was sold in canada…drop me an email pliska1(at marrk)hotmail (dott) com and maybe we can work something to get your a fuji bike in canada.

  6. I am searching the fuji feather for two weeks now. The problem is, you can get it in Germany only in two colours (grey and yellow) and I am desperately searching a website where I can order one (the matte blacke or light blue one). Do you know something?

    • Hello Ivan,

      Sorry to hear that you cant find the bike online for order here in Germany. I will be in touch with people about this for you. Drop me your email so I can get in touch with you later this week.

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