Rock Climbing Halle

Here are some pics of our (GP, Yase and Carsten) rock climbing adventure in Halle back in August.

Carsten has been rock climbing for quite some time now and brought all the equipment necessary and of course, told us how its done.

For me, the daunting wall was intimidating and seemed very difficult, if not impossible to climb up with next to zero climbing experience (does climbing trees as a young boy count?).  This, coupled with the pressure to perform in front of my gf (hehe), wow, it really motivated me to get up there!

scaled.DSC_2217scaled.DSC_2227scaled.DSC_2250scaled.DSC_2235scaled.DSC_2259scaled.DSC_2237We found a bunch of old CD’s lying around on the grass.  Someone just left them!  We took a couple of Ricky Martin hits and a few more.


~ by frischfarms on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rock Climbing Halle”

  1. didn´t we have to fish them out of the garbage bin?

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