Update November 6th.


Writing to you from the staff lounge at my new teaching job here in Halle, Germany.

For halloween, I spent the weekend in Berlin and me and Yase carved a pumpkin together and brought it to Berlin.  It was cute with a little smily face, some teeth and the standard heart shaped ear.  How cute!

I have been travelling to the town of Dessau for my job as well which required me to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and head to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) in Halle to catch the 6:15am train to Dessau.  Some of the trains require a transfer at Bittefield.
Most of the train info I get is through the DB (Deutche Bahn) homepage which can be seen here. www.bahn.de   Some people I have met have mixed feelings about the DB and feel that the service is shit. I feel that it has been on time, but again the privatization of the train service unnerves me a little because I can only see the price of the train getting more and more expensive.

I have been studying German a little these days through the use of the PONS institute software that I borrowed from the library.  The learning process is alright, but I feel that the pronounciation is the major hurdle that I have to get over before I make serious advancements in the acquisition of the language. 

I started listening to the audio book by Naomi Klein entitled “The Shock Doctrine.”  It discusses how economies and governments capitalize on natural disasters or terrorism for economic benefit.  I am not done the book, but so far it is very interesting.

I finished listening to the audio book by Chris Anderson entitled “Free” which discusses the “freeconomy” and how the world is changing by things that are Free.  How the internet is changing the way businesses are run because the digital cost of things are ever approaching zeor. The way the world has moved from a brick economy (tangible items) to a bit economy (digitalized and intangible). 
Scarcity and economics were also topics in the book. 

My current phone is the Motorola Razor.  I am grateful for receiving the phone from a friend and the phone was the hottest thing a couple years back, but to be completely honest, no phone in the world is better than what Japanese phones can do, not even the iphone.   I miss my Japanese cell phone. and the Quality….
BTW, the phones in Germany are all called “handy.” 

On Wednesday night I visited the Cinemaxx movie theatre in Halle to see the new “This is It” movie about Michael Jackson.  I went to go see it with a friend Tina.
My review:  It is a great and entertaining watch for MJ fans and dance enthusiasts as the movie shows some behind the scenes footage of his genius, but at times with some shotty footage, it seemed like a very long youtube clip.  I did enjoy it though as I am big fan.

I love a big chuck of Parmesan CHEESE!  especially with Red wine.  Yum!

I also recently watched the movie Monsters Ball. Good film. Halle Berry…when will you come to Halle, Germany?

My thoughts are with Mom, Ben, and Sam.

Miss you!


~ by frischfarms on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “Update November 6th.”

  1. Hey Gabe, brother

    Beeeejaayyy! Its me, Oliver.
    You wanted to be an english teacher. so applaus applaus!
    I really want to come to Halle, see you and felix and of course your bike!
    In October, I was on tour with the amazing call jamie guys in the Netherlands,( “alarm in Amsterdam” no comment, bro) then Belgium and Poland. Pretty girls everywhere, aftershow party in big apartment on 2 floors in downtown Kraków. No sleep, spectacular shows and beer in the car. Now i´m back in Dresden for two days. Tomorrow Berlin. 17.11.2009 Prodigy in Dresden quit your job, don´t miss it! 😀

    greets to yase
    Club Tropicana drinks are free!

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