International Green Week – Berlin

I attended the International Green Week on Sunday, January 24th in Berlin.

The grand, sehr gross (very big) ICC Messe-Nord in Berlin is where the event took place.
It was grand hall after grand hall of food exhibitors from all around the world from Japan to Amsterdam, wineries, cheese markets, as well as a live farm where you can see pigs and cows.  Wow.
I attended the event with my friend from Halle – Fabian, who is from Venezuela.

I bought some Polish sausage at the Polish section.  Then some wine with raspberries from France.  Of course, I got some Sake from the Japan booth.  Some sake from Nagano.   Good talking Japanese a little bit with the man.
Then 3 hours later I bought some great Bergkäse from Austria.  That cheese is so crisp and soft at the same time, you can take bites from from the chunk.  Gluttony, I know.

Here is a pic of some flyers I picked up. google the names for more info.

~ by frischfarms on January 26, 2010.

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