These days in Germany

Decided to buy 30$ worth of cheese.  Wine too. Mozarella, olives, tomotoes, turkish bread, and a wide variety of european cheeses.
New wall art for my flat… (or shall I say Old? This poster is original from La Opera de Tres Centavos) What do you think?

Oliver (from the Dresden Boys, Club Tropicana) working on his art, wearing my jacket and my green watch from Beijing.
the art is a work in progress.

Frozen Concord bicycle near Breite str. in Halle, Germany.  Concord, can you give me a bike for promotion?

More new art for my flat.  Thanks for Felix for the picture.
After visiting the Frozen Concord Bicycle, this is what the walk home looks like.  Tons of snow, but mostly melted, with ice patches around.  We did have recent rising temperatures lately though, but as I type it is getting colder outside now at 4:15pm.  It is currently 1 degrees celcius.
Street corner in Halle. Near Paulusviertel.  Awesome.
Spray painted balloons above the doorway near the Mensa at the MartinLuther Wittenburg University in Halle.
I went to see this ballet on January 22 at the Opera house in Halle right near the post office, and the university.

Tonight, I am heading to meet Yasemin, and then going to buy the new iPod nano 5g at Saturn.  With that, you can expect more videos from me and my life in Germany.

Stay tuned for more from Gabriel Pliska.
Coming soon – Video from Halle!!

~ by frischfarms on January 29, 2010.

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  1. hey, update you´re page sometimes…i always just see the cheese from ages ago!

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