Asa – Nigerian singer

From wikipedia*
Aṣa (pronounced “Asha”) (born in 1982) is a NigerianFrench singer-songwriter and recording artist. Her stage name “Aṣa” means “Hawk” in Yoruba.

Enjoy the song!

Thanks Asa for the nice video and song!

~ by frischfarms on November 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Asa – Nigerian singer”

  1. Heeey!! What’s uuuup!! How r u doing?? This is Hiroto. Hope u remember me. I haven’t heard from u mean a while. Would be great if u email me as soon as reading this comment. By the way are u still in Germany? Miss u, maaaaaaan!! Lol

    Hiroto Naito from Japan.

  2. Hiroto, I remember you! How is Peekaboo? Still in Aoyama or UraHara? Your English is really good! I am in Germany, come and visit if you can.

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