Hello 2011

Hello 2011.

“What really ruins our characters is the fact that none of us looks back over his life. We think about what we are going to do, and only rarely at that, and fail to think about what we have done, yet any plans for the future are dependent on the past.”
…from Seneca’s Letter LXXXIII to Lucilius.

I look back to the creation of this blog back in November 2006, and it purpose was to inform others about what I was doing abroad, tell stories and post pictures, now have I forgotten it?  Take some time to reflect and ponder the process that led you to where you are in life.

Paris, March 2010

I am in -2 celcius Halle tonight and heading to a colleague’s farewell party, as she is going to Vietnam to teach German for 6 months.


~ by frischfarms on January 29, 2011.

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