Fun photos from Germany

Some photos from the last month Dec 2010- Jan 2011, selected from my phone.

Flood at local Peißnitz Park - this is normally open green space with both a basketball court and soccer to the right.

"Junkers" hot water heater. Halle, Germany

Berlin train ad

Yasemin's aliean art

Daniel @ a drop/pick up box for DHL packages in Paulus Viertel. Halle.

Hospital lobby optical illusion wall?

This photo makes me calm.

Ice Skating in Berlin

Wasser Turm, Halle

A "gift for my soul" from one of my students. A 1977 bottle of French wine.

Table/tap water is not given for free in Germany (they always want you to buy carbonated water) and at the Brauhaus in Halle, I had to beg the waitress for it, and it was only 100ml at that. Is it such a problem to get a glass of tap water?

I am heading to Thailand in 2 days.  I hope to be drinking that 1977 bottle of wine on the beach.

~ by frischfarms on February 1, 2011.

One Response to “Fun photos from Germany”

  1. These pictures are clever! I like the selection you put up 🙂
    Put up posts more often!! There’s too long of a gap in between your blogs.

    Hope thailand was amazing…. pics? 😀

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