Japanese Lunch

29 white-shirted Salary Men in Tamachi, Tokyo. July 31, 2008

29 white-shirted Salary Men. Tamachi, Tokyo. Lunch time. July 31, 2008

Above is a shot I took today in Tamachi, there were a sea of white-shirted salary men and this was the best shot I got.  I added yellow markings to count them.   Tons!

Chicken Bento w/ furikake on rice.

Chicken Bento w/ furikake on rice.

Above is my lunch yesterday.  yum.  This was only 500 yen!  and it comes with Miso Soup!

Soba Lunch w/ Shrimp Tempura

Soba Lunch w/ Shrimp Tempura

This was my lunch today. 950 Yen.  The reflection in the soba tsuyu (black stuff in the bowl) is the ceiling of the restaurant.
You dip the soba in the Soba Tsuyu and yummy.  Comes with wasabi and cut up green onions.
The green leaf with the tempura is Shiso (perilla in English).  Wikipedia says “….Japanese often eat it with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat and fish dishes. It is also used as a flavorful herb in a variety of dishes, even as a pizza toppin…)

Tokyo Tower from Tamachi.  Lunchtime July 31, 2008

Tokyo Tower from Tamachi. Lunchtime July 31, 2008

Tonight I am meeting Chimbo.  He is from Toronto and he is visiting from Osaka, where he lives. We met in Canada at my university back in 2003. We’re planning to have martinis in Shibuya.

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