Frisch Farms – Eco Friendly Urban Farming

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When we ride our bike, no pollution, keep it green, describe what you mean - What's Frisch?

When we ride our bike, no pollution, keep it green, describe what you mean – What’s Frisch?

Coca-Cola not responsible for obesity?

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This is an awesome ad!
Favourite line:
Consuming large amounts of rapidly digested sugar and high-fructose corn syrup causes a SPIKE in blood sugar and insulin which can lead to inflammation and insulin resistance BOTH of which may increase your chance of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer!
Sounds delicious! That is why I use Coca-Cola instead of milk in my morning cereal!
I think if humanity survived for thousands of years before this product, we clearly do not need it for a healthy diet or to be “happy.” Given the fact that this product doesn’t help our body much at all except for a sugar rush, then the motive to continually sell this product still today is purely for financial gain and making someone else really “happy.”
Was Coke put on this earth naturally?
Compare this with water, tea of juice from a fruit.

Frisch Farms

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I have an idea!  It is called Frisch FarmsFrisch means fresh in German.

These Days

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Monday Bike Ride

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Today I went on a very beautiful ride all along the waterfront.  There was plenty of sunshine but just enough (very) light wind to cool of my skin heating up from the sweat inducing ride.
After deciding to bike down to Kits Beach, I decided to keep on going, and ended up back home having biked 28km.

The False Creek and Seaside bike route is really nice, except for some parts (maybe a total of 200metres) of stone walkway.  The short section of bike path is annoying to ride on with a less-than-all-terrain single speed road bike like my Fuji Feather.
I prefer riding on smooth pavement, don’t you.

Here is my route (outlined in blue):

Happy Sunny Weekend!

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Spring in Vancouver

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Spring is in the air here in Vancouver.
Lots of flowers blooming (for weeks now) and many colours to enjoy throughout the city. Healing for the eyes!
The snow is melting slowly on the tops of the mountains north of the city and the sun is shining longer into the evenings.  Great!

Spring is here in full-effect in Vancouver with the last 2 days being very sunny and wonderful.

Some recent photos I have taken in the neighbourhood.