German Youth Words of the Year

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The Duden is the (read thee) authoritative body on what’s what in German grammar and what is accepted in the language as being considered German.

Langenscheidt is also a major dictionary used in Germany and is reputable.
This years told 5 words according to the Local (a german based english newspaper:
1. Swag (enviable, casual-cool charisma or a charismatic, positive aura)
2. Fail/Epic Fail (A big mistake or failure)
3. Guttenbergen (to plagiarize or crib – derived from disgraced former Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg who resigned after it emerged he had copied large parts of his doctoral thesis)
4. Körperklaus (clumsy)
5. Googeln (to search or look up something)

Article here:


5 years

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Happy Birthday blog.

Today, you are five years old. With remembrance of the day when I was in Tokyo wondering how to express some of my thoughts and ideas and experiences. Then New Gabriel Times was born. November 16, 2006.

Thoughts and ideas for the next five years? Not my concern at the moment.

To think that I have spent all this time and energy on a blog that you or maybe no one will read, but in the hopes that my thoughts can be put on paper, so to speak, makes it feel all worth it somehow.

Stories and stories and pictures and interpretations of culture, all on here.

Handstands in Donoussa, Greece

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With beaches as nice as Lavadi in Donoussa, Greece – which had enough naked people to make anyone happy, sky blue water to please your eyes and cool water to relax your overheated body – I think you would do a handstand too.

Handstand in Donoussa, Greece

Kendros Beach

James Blake – A limit to your love

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A hot song, just make sure to pump up the base.

Did you enjoy it?

David August – Moving Day

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David August – Moving Day I am loving this song right now!  Well, it is more like last month mode.

Hope you enjoy the bass!

Vancouver on my mind!

New Paul Kalkbrenner

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Here is some new music from Paul Kalkbrenner!

In Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, writing to you from the Delta Halifax hotel with a narrow view of the bay and a little part of Citadel Hill.

There is a write up in the local newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, about David Henry.

It is cold here at the moment, but things are going alright, meeting new people and new family as well as reflecting on many things, including David Henry.